Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 59

DATE: February 28
MILES: 165.9

End of month summary: 165.9 miles walked; 911.1 miles to go.

I should be at 177 miles by now, but the snowiest month ever in my world has put a crimp on just walking down the street.

I'm heading into Lancaster, a place I recall semi-fondly from when my AMC Eagle stopped running there during a road trip. On the upside, it busted near the mall, and some web-buddies later rescued me.

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  1. Hi Al, Welcome back to Lancaster! Did some quick research... Your breakdown in Lancaster was Seven Years Ago! 03/26/2003. The group had one more Thriftcon a year later- March 2004. Was that the last? If you're in the neighborhood, stop by- 233 Union Street- one block east of Rt.33. I'm in the book!